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We invite all Sacred Ladies to participate in the Sacred Journey to Ladyhood, by participating as an active blogger!  Read below to review the criteria, and post until your happy heart is content.

Membership: Our guest posting is only available for women who are members of the Sacred Journey to Ladyhood Movement.  For membership please subscribe to our post via email.

Topics: The focus should be regarding anything related to Women’s Empowerment. While we welcome subscriptions on topics that we have already covered, I invite you to post on topics that have not yet been discussed.  The format is flexible: how-to guides, informative lists, summaries of relevant research, case studies, and book reviews are acceptable.

Length: We prefer posts with a minimum of 400 words but can be as long as you like.  Some suggest that longer post are less likely to be read, but I believe that post with good, quality content will be read irrespective of the page length.

Subheadings are great for breaking up your posts and making them easier to read.  Please use these liberally as this will encourage more readership and activity.

Editing: Please spellcheck, fact-check, proofread, and re-read your article. Hopefully, it won’t require more than very light editing, but I do edits as well.  This is important because this blog post receives immediate distribution and most of our readers read the post as soon as the post gets distributed.  Hence DOUBLE CHECK!

Link to your sources in the body of your post. This gives proper attribution and backs up your points.  You may use as many links as necessary, but please do not overwhelm or bore the reader.

Images dress up your piece and grab attention.   Please use either royalty free photos, or give the artist of the image appropriate credit.  I will assist you with doing this as needed.

Exclusivity: Your post should be intended exclusively for this blog. Please do not submit articles that have appeared on other websites. And once we publish your article, please don’t post it elsewhere.

Byline: We recognize the importance of promoting your work and are happy to include in your post a one- or two-sentence description of you with a link to your website.  We honor all of our guest bloggers and we want to give them credit for their excellent work.

Profanity:  Yeah, I know you might be thinking it… But please don’t write it… At least not in your blog posts.  Thanks!

Spirituality: As much as possible, please include within your post, values that are spirituality inspired.


Thank you for your interest in guest blogging. We look forward to reading your post!

To become a Guest Blogger please complete the form below:

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