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Without knowing where we came from, it can be difficult to know where we’re going.  That is why it is so important to be educated and committed to our history.  Take a moment to review the accomplishments of these Sacred Ladies, and  refresh your awareness of the long lineage of accomplishments that women like you have undergone.  With the knowledge of the success by these Ladies before us, there is no telling what we can do!

Sankofa – Adinkra symbol which means ever forget where you came from

Abigail Adams    *    Susan B. Anthony    *    Marie Antoinette    *    Harriett Tubman    *    Lucy Stone    *    Sojourner Truth    *    Harriet Beecher Stowe  

Elizabeth Cady Stanton    *    Sacagewea    *    Wilma Mankiller    *    Margaret Sanger    *    Mary Wollstonecraft    *    Yoshiko Uchida    *    Sappho

Florence Nightingale

The above women are Sacred Ladies!  But guess what?!?!  You are too!  How can you use their faith, determination, and progress to allow the Sacred Lady within you to shine through?


  1. Love your blog! Do you have a facebook link or other network where I can keep up with your post’s? My mobile app is not picking up the share option and I don’t have immediate pc access at the moment.:-)
    Madison recently posted…I dare – A poem of belief, courage and strength.My Profile

    • ladyhoodjourney ladyhoodjourney

      Hi Madison. It appears you’ve found us. But just in case you have not or if I can share it with someone else, we can be found at Sacred Journey to Ladyhood. Thanks for following :)

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