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Hello!  My name is Connie Omari and thank you for taking the time to meet with me.  Now let me tell you a little bit about me and why I do what I do.

I am committed to concerns related to the upliftment and empowerment of women around the world.  My initial interest in women’s issues began based off of a variety of unhealthy personal relationships that I held with women in my life.  Growing up, I was exposed to all types of talented, intelligent, and independent women.  But what I began to notice (sometimes indirectly, but most of the time directly) is that instead of coming together, to motivate and encourage one another, we often created barriers for one another’s success.  I began to think about how well we could uplift one another, if we used our energy to positively motivate each other, instead of trying to tear each other down.

Then I entered the real world.  I went to college/graduate school, immersed myself into international travel, and began my career as a psychotherapist.  Within these experiences, I further grew sensitive to such issues regarding women’s concerns.  I realized that my perception that I received during my youth wasn’t just a Connie issue, it’s a woman’s issue.

I began to realize that there is something really damaging that has allowed we women, to become each others greatest enemies, and I wanted to figure it out.  Through much self reflection, research, and yes, study of the Bible, I have learned that a variety of circumstances have caused women to interact in an unnatural manner, which prohibits their ability for upliftment. My goal, is to not only share awareness on this issue, but to assist women with reclaiming their natural power, through continuous growing through insight, nurturing new ideas and collaborating with like-minded women who want the same.  I believe that together, we can place a positive mark on one another, which will aid to improve our selves, our families, and our society.

I believe that women are intended to be delicate creatures that have a bold and purposeful meaning in our world.  Furthermore, I believe that the role of women as Christian believers, mothers, wifes, professionals, etc. has been thwarted and corrupted, such that there is an over encompassing desire to compete with the role of men, instead of having pride in and enhancing the role of women.  I believe that a successful degree of awareness, love, and support will assist women with regaining their rightful position as individuals, members of familial units, as well as citizens of the world.  As such, I am committed to challenging societal expectations and beliefs that I believe prohibit women from reaching their optimal functioning and welcome other women to join me.

I am a Licensed Professional and National Certified Counselor.  I have received both a Master of Art as well as a Master of Education from Teachers College, Columbia University in psychological counseling.  I am currently working on my PhD in counselor education and supervision at Regent University.  Additionally, I am the author of Sacred Journey to Ladyhood: A Woman’s Guide through Her Write of PassageFor more information about my professional practice, as well as my book, please contact me at


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