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Hello.  My name is Connie Omari and I am the author of Sacred Journey to Ladyhood: A Woman’s Guide through Her Write of Passage.  We women have so many concerns which effect us in our everyday life…  we need some help!  My hope is that the Sacred Journey to Ladyhood Movement will provide a continuing forum for us to vent, discuss, and empower one another along our pursuits to Ladyhood.  The book, itself, addresses the following themes: self-confidence, intimate relationships, intuition, family, and spirituality.  This Movement is a continuation of these concepts, as well as many others.


Our mission is to empower women across the globe by utilizing a feminist based perspective.  Our primary goal is to assist women with realizing their innate qualities which were intended to create for them, the quality of life in which they deserve.  We seek to promote key principals in our girls and women such that they may grow to embody humility, perseverance and equality in all healthy elements of their lives. Furthermore, we encourage the use of feminist theory to restore the role of women as healers of the world, such that they may improve not only themselves, but their families and the communities in which they reside.  


Our philosophy is spearheaded by Philippians 4:13 which reminds us that “all things are possible through Christ which strengthens me.”   This belief lies at the root of all of our avenues to empower women around the world.

We believe that all women are capable of living fulfilling and rewarding lives, irrespective of their circumstances. We believe that with a careful understanding of societal expectations, cultural-gender based stigmas, and other barriers to achievement, women can collectively overcome such dilemmas by self-empowerment. We believe that we should live in a world that is cognizant of and respectful of feminine qualities and that through these qualities women can reach their maximum potential.  Once women are capable of reaching their maximum potential, they can then execute their nurturing and empowering mark on their environment, thereby leaving a positive impact on those around them.


  • To participate in the creation and implementation of a network for women to meet a variety of needs of girls and women around the world
  • To assist women with understanding which behaviors & thought patterns are counter-productive to their overall qualities of life
  • To collaborate with women, such that after identifying unhealthy behavioral avenues, they may obtain and maintain the skills necessary to redirect their actions in order to produce more positive circumstances for themselves and others
  • To restore the role of women as healers of their selves, their families, and the greater world at large.
  • Utilize feminist perspectives to empower women to feel confident and secure in their innate feminine qualities
  • To recognize the value in ALL females, whether they identify primarily as girls, women, Ladies, employees, leaders, mothers, wives, executives, fiances, girlfriends, single, widowed, aunts, cousins, grandmothers
  • To recognize and honor all of the sacrifices that women before us have given, so that women today may have the freedom to excel
  • To develop become interactive in challenging societal norms which promotes an unsafe, unsupportive, and hostile environment for women around the world

Membership benefits include:

  • A chance to stay current with women’s issues
  • A chance to network with a team of like minded women, interested in the empowerment of other women
  • A chance to vent concerns and seek feedback from a safe and supportive environment
  • An opportunity to learn in an interactive manner, healthy skills intended to improve your life as a woman
  • A chance to grow spiritually in a supportive environment that recognizes and honors your talents, while providing a foundation for you to thrive as a Sacred Lady
  • A chance to receive a variety of treatment interventions and techniques to assist you with our mental health goals
  • An unlimited welcome to guest post your contributions to the Sacred Journey to Ladyhood Movement
  • A chance to participate and win all types of freebies and goodies

To join the Sacred Journey to Ladyhood Movement, simply subscribe to our blog by email located on our home page, or email me directly at Welcome in advance to the Sacred Journey to Ladyhood Movement!


  1. Brandy jamison

    Where can I purchase the book?!

    • ladyhoodjourney ladyhoodjourney

      Hi Brandy! Thank you for your inquiries. Unfortunately I do not have a final launch date, because I have to wait until March 4th (my spring break) to complete my final design edits. However, it will take 3 – 4 weeks from that date before it will be available. From there you can purchase it via amazon, books a million, barnes and noble, or Thanks so much for your interest and please stay posted for more specific information in the weeks to come. Thanks again!

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