Tribute to Fatherless Daughters


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To all of my beautiful, fatherless daughters… YOU ARE NOT ALONE…

Alone and confused

Don’t know what to do

Waiting for the father

That you hardly knew

Feelings of frustration

And emptiness galore

Consume me while I wish

Dad would walk through the door

Until one day I realize

That dad doesn’t care

He didn’t care then

And he’s not going to be there

So you learn to live

In this world all alone

Though you still wish daddy loved you

Even once you’re grown

So you try to make up

For the loss that you feel

Making poor choices

Hoping that it makes you heal

Your dating game’s tough

And you know that it’s wrong

But you stay anyway…

At least I’m not alone

You get beaten so low

But at least he’s still here

You cry and you cry

But my dad also brought tears

And then one day you realize

It’s not worth this no more

You pack up your things

And you walk out the door

And you face the world

Head on you see

You think… Love isn’t real

Even daddy don’t love me

At the slightest hint of rejection

You crumble within

You think to yourself

Oh no… not again…

You adopt a tough attitude

I’m gonna get you before you get me

On the outside you look tough

Inside, you live miserably

You long for your father…

The father you never knew

Wishing that one day

He’d be so proud of you

Only to look up

And realize he still doesn’t care

You could become the President

And he still won’t be there

You feel abandoned,

Neglected, and deceived

Envious of daddy’s girls

The pain… you wouldn’t believe

The pain comes so strongly

No one understands

They think… Why does it bother you…

You hardly knew the man

You think… That’s just the point

It was his job to love me

If he wasn’t going to be there

Then why did he even create me?

And then you realize

That the more pain you feel

The harder things get

The more it feels real

So you crumble your feelings up

And put them back inside

You withdraw from the world

Even from yourself, you hide

And you try to make do

With the things that you have

Still wondering why

Why don’t love you me, Dad?

The pain never heals

And the void always remains

You realize no matter what

Some thing’s never change

But one thing I know

And I know this for sure

Is that no matter what

Your beauty endures

For what your father avoided

And didn’t take the time to see

Was your precious soul

And your radiant beauty

What doesn’t kill you

Makes you that much stronger

Don’t let this defeat you

Not any longer…

Hold your head up high

And let your smile shine through

Your dad might not notice

But those worth it… love you

I know it’s not easy

Trust me I know

But the more that I struggle

The more that I grow

So let’s make this commitment

Together we’ll follow through

To put ourselves first

In all that we do

For when we were young girls

We had no control

We just followed orders

We did what we were told

But now we are grown

We know right from wrong

Daddy might have hurt us

But we can still get along

So hold your head up

And smile with your heart

And know that your ending

Can differ from your start

You’re worth it…  You’re special

If only your father knew…

Just how wonderful you are…

My heart reaches to you

Despite all the pain

The frustration… despair

If it seems no one else realizes this…

Trust me… I care…

Poor choices we’ve made

And then we felt judged

Knowing things would have been different

If dad gave us love

We’re the forgotten ones

The lost souls of the sea

Our own daddy forgot us

Of course the world forgets me

Too afraid to speak up

Too confused to know what to do

So internally we suffer

In silence…  we’re through

Now we have a voice

I lend it from me to you

And to all fatherless daughters

I solute to you

Though others may not understand

All the pain you go through

I understand the pain that you feel

And this is my tribute to you

You’re worth it

Shine brightly and take back your life

Your dad might have started it

But you can win this fight

Know that you’re special

No matter what Daddy does…

And when the world doesn’t love you

Give yourself more love

Beam with the life

God’s given you

And know that you’re worth it

In all that you do

You’re special… You’re beautiful

and that will shine true…

My precious Fatherless Daughters

This is my tribute to you…

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  1. s

    Hello Connie,

    This has touched my heart like nothing else I’ve ever read. Thank you so much for sharing your passion, your heart and your soul. Sally
    s recently posted…Gratitude – What’s In It For Me?My Profile

    • ladyhoodjourney ladyhoodjourney

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and appreciate this Sally. It means a lot to me :)

      • Chelsea Weaver

        Thank you so much for writing this. I am a fatherless daughter and went through everything you wrote. It means a lot and touched me.

  2. Hi Connie!

    This poem is breathtaking. I can relate somewhat to this pain, as I didn’t always have my father around. It does hurt like hell. Thanks for this beautiful touching poem! :-)
    KarenYvonne recently posted…I am better than youMy Profile

  3. Hi Connie,

    Your tribute pretty much covered everything. I too am a fatherless daughter and at 40 am still working through the pain of it. His absence has affected every part of me; especially, how I see myself.

    Here’s to healing.

    • ladyhoodjourney ladyhoodjourney

      Thank you for your kind words Lisa. It’s a work in progress for sure. But through the support from one woman to another, I”m sure we can manage the pain and frustration.

      Here’s to healing.

  4. Jen

    Thanks, this is exactly what I needed!

  5. selin

    Don’t know how to thank you from Turkey, but you are a wise soul, the one that one day I wish to be. Take care:)

  6. I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my trouble. You are amazing! Thanks!

  7. kristie

    I went through everything in this poem and the void is still there. I now know I wasn’t alone.

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