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Sometimes we are met with the most random of experiences. We wonder what messages, however minute they may be… may be found in our everyday life experiences.  Below is one of those messages…  Stay tuned to find out how I was moved by the power in a warning ticket.

I was recently driving home from an out of town job.  In my haste to shorten the time towards the end of my journey, I apparently loss track of the speed in which I was driving…  Care-freely coasting to the sounds of Jill Scott’s “I’m Blessed” , I never noticed that the state trooper that was once riding in front of  me had slowed down, pulled over to the medium, and gotten behind me.  The next thing I noticed, my rear view mirror was tainted with the sight of blue lights in my rear.

I pulled over and spoke with the cop.  Accusingly, he informed me that I was driving a 75 in a 55.

In my head I thought… If I’m driving behind you, then wouldn’t that mean that we were going about the same speed?!?!

Out loud I responded… I’m sorry sir…  I hadn’t realized I was speeding…

The cop asked for my license and registration, examined them closely and returned to his car.  I sat patiently in my car, fuming with rage because I was being detained for something that I felt confident was not correct.  To make matters worse, I had already developed my strategy for who I was going to contact to assist me with getting out of this “wrongful” situation.

The cop returned to my car, ticket in hand.  After handing the ticket to me, he responded “Okay Mrs. Omari…  Have a great day!”  As I watched his reflection get increasingly smaller as he moved away from my car, I began experiencing feelings of animosity towards him.

How dare he try to be polite to me, after giving me a ticket!

It was then that it occurred to me that maybe I should look down to figure out the details of the ticket.  And there it was… the following words.


I was shocked!  I just knew that he was going to give me a ticket for speeding that I would have to go to court to fight against.  And yet, he gave me a friendly warning and let me off the hook…

And that’s just what I did…  I let the whole experience off the hook…

And then I thought about it… When I thought that the outcome was going to be something bad, I did everything that I could to try to fight against it.  I gave it considerable thought, I considered all my resources, and I was even developing negative feelings towards the state trooper for doing his job.  However, when the outcome acted in my benefit, “I let the whole experience off the hook…”

I, like many people, get motivated more by conflict and shortcomings, then I do for things that actually are considered a blessing in disguise.

Thus, I ask that you take this moment seriously.  Look at your life and your circumstances.  Make a commitment to praise the things that are going right in your life, more than you condemn the things that aren’t.

God Bless

Gratitude, Happiness

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