When a Person tells You Who they are Believe Them


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I recently met someone… I know what you might be thinking… It’s no one bad, but just someone who reminded me about the saying “when a person tells you who they are believe them.”  Though I knew this from the moment that I met her, I can’t help but wonder… why didn’t I listen?

I don’t want to “out” this person, because you never know who is reading about the Sacred Journey to Ladyhood… but to illustrate my perspective, I have to provide some details.  For me, my relationships with people are very important.  I use them to keep me inspired and empowered.  So when someone demonstrates questionable character… something that might put a breach in my relationships with others… it is a means for extreme precautions.  In this case, this woman was critical about marriages.  She expressed having a tumultuous relationship with her “ex-husband” which I felt empathic for to begin with.  Then, however, it became clear that she was a contributing factor to her own chaos, based off of her self-centeredness and ego-centrism.  As this became more evident with me, she then began to discuss her current affair with a married man.  To solidify her argument, she informed me that in having a conversation with her boyfriend’s wife, she responded, “you know those freaky things with you do with your husband… I taught him that!”  I’m not trying to be judgmental, because I don’t have a heaven or hell to send anyone too, but all of this rubbed me the wrong way.  It soon got me thinking that if this “friend” of mine would behave in this way, this energy may one day rub off on me…

And it did…

One day while expressing my heart’s desire to her, she made some… “shall I say/write… condescending statements about me and my relationship with my husband.”  Her energy was so intoxicating that I became easily sucked into her like the house in the twister from the Wizard of Oz …

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The Consequences…

A yelling and invigorating fight with my husband.  You see, she had dumped her negative energy regarding marriages on to me.  I had then internalized those messages and allowed her story to become my own.  This was not something that I was very proud of but something that I was very responsible for participating in.  So Let’s ask ourselves the following…

How often do we allow the negative energy of others to dictate who we are in our own lives?

When the experiences of others are used to adversely affect us… is it as much our fault as it is theirs?

Are we really strong enough to allow the people in our lives to be one way, while we, ourselves are different?

The moral of this story is that you are only as good as the company that you keep.  Your company will inevitably influence you one way or another.  Thus, when a person tells you who they are believe them!



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