Trayvon Martin – Justice Denied


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Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.  ~ Psalms 116:15

There are no words that can truly express how I feel about the travesty of what has become of Trayvon Martin’s legacy.  For this poor… sweet… innocent… Angel… has been taken from his loving family, and America as a country has failed to protect him and his family from injustice.   Some say that it’s not a race thing… That the Stand Your Ground Law was in effect and that because Zimmerman felt that he was in life-threatening danger, murder was justifiable…  What the law fails to take into consideration are the variables leading to the Stand Your Ground Law.  In America, the Black Man always has been a threat… a source by which one should exercise fear and caution…  In this case, due to this fear and caution, as indicated by Zimmerman’s report that “he [Martin] appears to be up to no good…” Zimmerman stalked him, which instigated a fight, got beat up, and was protected by the Stand Your Ground Law…  Where’s the Justice?  In the case of Trayvon Martin – Justice Denied!

For many of us, the inherent elements of race and privilege are just far too overwhelming to ignore.  But sadly, many remain oblivious to such social structures and injustices in the world today.  For those who remain ignorant to those life challenges, let me take a moment to enlighten you:

  • For the Black Man in America, the process of getting their license is more than a celebrated event of independent driving.  For in nearly all Black Households, parents and/or guardians  discuss with their black boys about certain precautions to make while driving (ie.behaviors while driving, certain areas/people to avoid while driving).  Driving represents independence, freedom, etc, which means that there is only so much protection that parents can provide for their children when their children are not in their care.  This “talk” prepares our little black boys for the reality of this world and speaks to ways to reduce the potential for them to be victims of racial profiling because there continues to be punishment for “driving while black.”  Sadly, each parent knows that despite the best preparation, their boys will become a product of these stereotypes and are feared and often perceived as threatening… characteristics which could have dire consequences.
  • For the Black Man in America, there is constant pressure to confirm to social structures and expectations from their community, irrespective of how that might actually reflect their goals.  There is a large misunderstanding pertaining to the “thug” mentality that largely attracts our Black Men; sadly rather than understanding them, the world ignores and/or fights against them.  This further marginalizes this group, making it increasingly difficult to eliminate such barriers.  Another area of concern, is the one inherent in the LGBTQIAA community for Black Men.  There’s not enough understanding, acceptance, and appreciation for unique perspectives of this community, and as a result, the Black Man, once involved, becomes further marginalized.
  • For the Black Man in America,  a historical context by which they have been emasculated due to the various forms of oppression and injustice, has deprived them from their God-Given  position as leaders and heads of the household.  This, in many ways, has resorted in a less respectable or desirable approach to their role in the household, which is compacted by ideas such as a of lack of understanding of their roles, abuse of their roles, and/or hypersexual behaviors.
  • For the Black Man in America, the life of Trayvon Martin is in some way, shape, or form inherent within each and every one of them.  As where Martin’s life was spared from going through an adult lifetime of such barriers and discrimination, many other Black Men have been forced to live the life of racial profiling on a daily basis with nothing but a hope and prayer that their ending will not be the same as Trayvon’s.  Trayvon is dead and therefore his struggle is over.  How do we intend to honor his legacy, such that the remaining Black Men can be protected from such injustices?

Trayvon, you represent my brother, my father, my husband, my cousins, my uncles, my community, my state, my country, and my Universe.  Because you died, many more of us will live.  Thank you.  While your life ended way to soon… you died a hero, an Angel, and a Legacy… May Your Soul Rest in Perfect Peace…

Tribute to Trayvon Martin

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