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Photo Credit Sometimes we are met with the most random of experiences. We wonder what messages, however minute they may be… may be found in our everyday life experiences.  Below is one of those messages…  Stay tuned to find out … Continue reading

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You Ever Thought About a Gratitude Journal?

If you know anything about me, you will know that I will do practically anything that Oprah says, because I think that she is just that awesome.  But I really want to do this, because I have had my own … Continue reading

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5 Things that YOU Do that Keeps YOU Single

Photo Credit We get it Ladies.  Yes there are a lot of gay men, cheap men, ugly men, fat men, broke men, workaholic men, insensitive men, greedy men, mama’s boy men, little boy men, and the list continues.  But that’s … Continue reading

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Is A Lack of Gratitude Preventing Your Progress?

Photo Credit I was having a conversation with my trusted Loctician (hairs stylists), when a topic regarding an overall goal that I had for myself was revisited while sitting in her chair.  For those of you who frequent the beauty … Continue reading

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