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Are You Surviving or Living?

Photo Credit Every man dies – Not every man really lives~ William Ross Each of us was given at birth, a birth certificate which indicates our name, birth parents, place of birth, birth date, etc.  This piece of paper signifies … Continue reading

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Big Things Come In Small Packages

Photo Credit I was recently reminded that big things come in small packages and… well… the saying that less is more has never been more true.  You see, while going outside on a lunch break while working a new job, … Continue reading

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What is Holding You Back?

  Photo Credit It happens to all of us from time to time, whether we feared trying out for the cheerleading team in high school, lacked the confidence to buffer a potential rejection from a certain crush, or allowed the … Continue reading

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If at First You Don’t Succeed, Dust Yourself Off and Try Again

Photo Credit Try and fail, but don’t fail to try. ~Stephen Kaggwa This very title, “If at First You Don’t Succeed… Dust Yourself Off and Try Again” was inspired by none other than the late, Aailyah.  Her untimely death marked … Continue reading

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Even Angels Learn How to Fly

Photo Credit “Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”  ~Joshua 1:9   Until this point, I have used my blog platform as a … Continue reading

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Living Large and Taking Charge

Photo Credit: Since I can remember, I have always struggled with my weight.  Anywhere from concerns regarding the chafing of my inner thighs, to the rolls around my midsection, to the attempts of concealing my cellulite and stretch marks… I’m … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Have Some Haters, then You’re Not Doing Something Right…

  Photo Credit I have inadvertently been the subject of a longstanding battle within my family for approximately a decade.  You see, growing up, I was considered what many would call “the ugly duckling.”  While I was known and well-respected … Continue reading

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Tribute to Fatherless Daughters

Photo Credit To all of my beautiful, fatherless daughters… YOU ARE NOT ALONE… Alone and confused Don’t know what to do Waiting for the father That you hardly knew Feelings of frustration And emptiness galore Consume me while I wish … Continue reading

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How Do You Improve Your Self Confidence?

Photo Credit Self-confidence gives you the freedom to make mistakes and cope with failure without feeling that your world has come to an end or that you are a worthless person ~Unknown. Improving your self confidence is never an easy … Continue reading

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Are You in an Unhealthy Relationship?

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